Veterinary clinics, kennels, and other animal care facilities take a lot of punishment. They need to be slip resistant, chemical resistant, and even impact resistant. And in many cases, they also have to look good.

There are several different applications in animal care facilities, each with its own specific needs. CFI offers floor coating systems formulated to meet the specific needs of animal care facilities.


Recommended Floor Coating Systems MicroTech Flake – MTF-5, MTF-6 Metallic Pigmented – MP-2, MP-3, MP-4 Flake Broadcast – FB-2, FB-3, FB-4

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Recommended Floor Coating Systems Sand Broadcast – SBP-3 Double Quartz Broadcast – DQB-3, DQB-4

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Waiting Room

Recommended Floor Coating Systems Metallic Pigmented – MP-3, MP-4 Flake Broadcast – FP-3, FP-4 Double Quartz Broadcast – DQB-3

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